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Now that the world is a global village, the main need of the market is those people who have the vision, understanding and information of how to survive and excel in this so called “village”. As the International Business Management Department, this is our mission to prepare our students to the demanding and continuously changing market conditions so that they can be important players in this environment.

Since modern enterprises - governmental, nonprofit, business - operate in a global environment, success is difficult for those who are unaware of events and cultures outside their own. The program`s goal is to equip students with the ability to work comfortably in more than one corner of the global marketplace.


International Business Management Program Outcomes



  1. Understand international business with an emphasis on cultural diversity, adaptation and maintanance integrity 
  2. Acquire knowledge on the impact of international economic, social, and political relationships of corporations
  3. Develop critical and strategic thinking, improve analytic skills and techniques and enhance effective decision-makingfor future business leaders
  4. Be able to formulate international business strategies
  5. Understand the workforce in multinational companies
  6. Understand the area of international trade, commercial policies, and  improve international competitiveness
  7. Obtaiın knowledge on the complex and interactive nature of participants, functions and business flows of international logistics and supply chain management
  8. Demonstrate ability in teamworking, collaboration and leadership
  9. Understand social and legal issues both within local and global environments
  10. Acquire proficiency in English and utilize effective communication skills, especially in Business English which is globally accepted
  11. Gain IT skills  which are conducive for research using various resources and databases
  12. Put knowledge acquired into practical experience through on-site internship(s) before graduation
  13. Gain ethical consciousness and behaviour required by the international business management discipline

BUS101 Intro. to Business & Mgmt. I 3 0 3 0
COMP103 Computer Applications l 3 0 3 0
PSYC100 Psychology 3 0 3 0
MAT101 Business Mathematics I 3 0 3 0
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills 3 0 3 0
NH001 National History I 0 0 0 0
Total 15 0

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