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The main purpose of the Marketing Department at GAU is to provide crucial knowledge and opportunities to the students in order to express themselves in rapidly changing innovative and competitive business world. Our curriculum is designed for developing our student’s conceptual and analytical thinking, creative and communicative abilities which comply with contemporary market and industry demands.

Marketing is one of the most significant business functions which focuses on the needs and wants of the organization’s key stakeholders and target audiences. In other words, building a profitable and ethical bridge among all these parts is under the responsibility of marketing function. With this comprehension, the Marketing Department at GAU is formed the content of the courses according to for both understanding consumers and organizational buying patterns and developing long-run successful marketing strategies that follow the latest managerial and technological trends in the world.  It is also aimed at building strong collaboration with both local business community and multinational companies for global experiential learning and shared high level of academic studies.

During the four year programme, students also acquire practical experience in the application of these concepts and methods with the support of departmental advisors.


Department of Marketing Program Outcomes

  1. Develop critical and strategic thinking, improve analytic skills and techniques and enhance effective decision-making
  2. Demonstrate ability for teamworking, collaboration and leadership
  3. Understand social and legal issues both within local and global environments
  4. Demonstrate competence in dealing with  a variety of marketing problems using both quantitative and qualitative methods
  5. Possess awareness and competency of global issues in marketing
  6. Understand the international market environment and E-commerce
  7. Acquire proficiency in English and utilize effective communication skills
  8. Show ability to create professional-quality marketing plans, business documents and presentations
  9. Develop and evaluate the strategies of advertising, public relations and E-marketing practices
  10.  Evaluate messages communicated through media and determine the impact of marketing communication on individual behaviour and society as a whole
  11.  Gain IT skills which are conducive for research using various resources and databases
  12.  Put knowledge acquired into practical experience through on-site internship(s) before graduation
  13.  Gain ethical consciousness and behaviour such as consumer rights required by the marketing discipline

BUS101 Intro. to Business & Mgmt. I 3 0 3 0
COMP103 Computer Applications l 3 0 3 0
PSYC100 Psychology 3 0 3 0
MAT101 Business Mathematics I 3 0 3 0
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills 3 0 3 0
NH001 National History 0 0 0 0
Toplam 15 0

+-Ders İçerikleri
Marketing Electives:

BUS318     (3,0)3            Business to Business Marketing

BUS430     (3,0)3            Supply Chain and Management

BUS434     (3,0)3            Persuasive Techniques in Communication and Strategies

BUS436     (3,0)3            Contemporary Issues in Marketing

BUS448     (3,0)3            Marketing Channels

BUS449     (3,0)3            Managing Customer Relationship

BUS451     (3,0)3            Sales Management

BUS452     (3,0)3            Advertising and Promotion Management

BUS453     (3,0)3            Brand Management

BUS455     (3,0)3            Marketing Research

BUS466     (3,0)3            Health Care Marketing

BUS469     (3,0)3            Retail Marketing & Management


Non-Departmental Electives:


International Business Electives:

BUS423     (3,0)3            International Finance

BUS427     (3,0)3            International Banking

BUS444     (3,0)3            Cross Cultural Studies in


BUS445     (3,0)3            Workshop in Export and Import


Business Management:

BUS213     (3,0)3            Business Ethics

BUS403     (3,0)3            Globalization & Economic Integration

BUS406     (3,0)3            Insurance & Risk Management

BUS407     (3,0)3            Innovation & Entrepreneurship

BUS408     (3,0)3            Non-Governmental Organizations

                                   BUS409     (3,0)3            Corporate Governance & Family Business

BUS418     (3,0)3            Small Business Seminar

BUS420     (3,0)3            Contemporary Issues in Business

BUS462     (3,0)3            Leadership and Organizational Culture


Service  Courses:

                    (3,0)3            Language Elective I

                    (3,0)3            Language Elective 2